Under Authority—Practicing Submission in a Rebellious Society


Author: Christopher Hoyt
Imprint: Anglican House (2022)
Format: Premium trade paperback
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Pages: 82 pages
Type size: 12 pt
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This is a most timely work on a much-needed topic, as the internationally known endorsers affirm. In just 80 pages Under Authority sets us right about some things that really matter—going against the cultural stream by highlighting the beauty of the virtue of submission. Without in any way advocating for authority as the arbitrary imposition of will, Christopher Hoyt writes that meaningful freedom comes only within the context the faithful and rightfully placed practice of submission. As a prolific composer and trained musician, Hoyt shows us that true creativity and growth come from standing within a tradition and submitting to its conventions and symbols so that, for an example, great music can be written and performed. Similarly, he calls us to stand within the flow of Apostolic Tradition and life, so we can best appreciate and express our freedom in Christ. The cover illustration says it all, with its depiction of a conductor’s baton. Even the greatest musicians playing the greatest instruments will come to nothing without the ordering authority of the conductor, and the musicians’ willingness to submit to it. Author Christopher Hoyt fills a tremendous void with this invaluable study.

Endorser’s of this watershed work include Dr. Hans Boersma of Nashotah House; Eminent historian Dr. Wilfred McClay; Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali, Chaplain to Queen Elisabeth and Prelate of Honor to Pope Francis; Dr. Ray Sutton, Anglican Scholar and Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church; and Dr. James Wilburn, founding Dean and Dean Emeritus of both the Graduate Business School and the Graduate Public Policy School at Pepperdine University.

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