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Remembering J. I. Packer

Anglican House Publishers fondly remembers the life of J. I. Packer, theologian, scholar, teacher, and author. We were honored and are grateful for his advice, counsel and service as a member of our Board of Directors, and he truly will be missed.

Dr. Packer was an Anglican House author as well. He served as Senior Reader on the Anglican Church in North America’s Anglican Liturgy Task Force which produced The Book of Common Prayer 2019, published by Anglican Liturgy Press. He was also the lead author of To Be A Christian – An Anglican Catechism, which Anglican Liturgy Press will release in a premium split-leather edition later this year.

To understand the tremendous impact of Dr. Packer in service of Christ and His Kingdom, please note the following:

  1. The Pastor’s Heart interview with the former Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, and the Mark Thompson, current Principal of Moore Theological College who reflect on the life and ministry of Dr. Packer:

  3. The following is the tribute of Dr. Packer released by GAFCON Global Anglicans:
    “Last week we learned that James Innell (“J.I.”) Packer, author, Bible scholar, professor, and speaker died on July 17 in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the age of 93. It is difficult to summarize in an email letter the impact and great legacy Packer leaves us for he was a man of humility and boldness, charity and courage, sound theological scholarship with an ability to communicate clearly to the common man, but above all, Christ-honoring. He will be missed by Gafcon across the Anglican communion.”

    The following links and resources below are provided to help you understand why he will be missed so much and to refamiliarize yourself with some of the timeless insights we all need to hear:

“I am a child of God. God is my Father; heaven is my home; every day is one day nearer. My Savior is my brother; every Christian is my brother too. Say it over and over to yourself first thing in the morning, last thing at night, as you wait for the bus, any time when your mind is free, and ask that you may be enabled to live as one who knows it is all utterly and completely true. For this is the Christian’s secret of – a happy life? – yes, certainly, but we have something both higher and profounder to say. This is the Christian’s secret of a Christian life, and of a God honoring life, and these are the aspects of the situation that really matter. May this secret become fully yours, and fully mine”
— J. I. Packer (1926-2020), in Knowing God (1973)

Yours in Christ,
The Gafcon Secretariat

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