The Way Forward – Nurturing New Believers


Author: Michael Green
Imprint: Anglican House Publishers (2013)
Format: Trade paperback
Size: 5″ x 8″
Pages: 89
Type size: 11 pt
Weight: 4.4 ounces
Kindle edition: 2nd quarter of 2020

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This little book was written to help with assisting new Christians in transitioning to the wholly different life on which they’ve embarked. The Way Forward stands as a bridge between the non-Christian, or the merely nominal church member, and those who are actively enjoying the warm relationships of fellowship in Christ. Sadly, there is a real shortage of material that can be used to address the critical need of nurturing the new believer. New believers definitely need some help if they are going to be able to adjust to the fresh world of being in Christ!

In this little book Michael Green gave us exactly what is needed – a refreshingly straightforward path, but one that is theologically sound and also leaves room for the Holy Spirit to work. Although aiming at those who have recently come to personal faith in Christ, the material is of value to any Christian.

The content has already proved to be fruitful, having been extensively utilized in both church and university settings on all six continents. Michael Green is an Oxford theologian, Anglican priest, Christian apologist and the author of more than fifty Christian books. As a teacher and speaker in demand by many Christian denominations, he has been called in Parliament a “World Asset.” One of his objectives has been to equip lay Christian believers in their grasp of the gospel message, and to give them the confidence to converse with others about faith matters. These practical objectives are very clear in this summary of the evangelism that Dr. Green has practiced and taught for decades.

Michael Green has been a prolific writer, with much of his work written for a popular reading audience, although he has also contributed to academic studies. He has studied a several colleges, including Oxford and Cambridge, and was admitted to the degree of Doctor of Divinity by both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the University of Toronto. He has served as a curate, a parish rector, the Principal of St. Johnʼs College, Chaplain of the Oxford Pastorate, Preacher at Coventry Cathedral, where he is an Honorary Canon, and Tutor at the London College of Divinity. He was Professor of Evangelism at Regent College, Vancouver, from 1987 until 1992. Returning to England he became Advisor to the Archbishop of Canterbury (George Carey) and the Archbishop of York.

Despite having officially retired in 1996, he became Senior Research Fellow and Head of Evangelism and Apologetics at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford in 1997.

As a professor, one of Michael’s favorite devices was to lead his unsuspecting students out onto the streets in order to teach them to evangelize strangers.

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