The Road to Jericho: Setting the Captives Free


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Here is an astounding read: the story of missionary Betsy Hake fearlessly befriending prostitutes on the streets of Honduras’ capitol city of Tegucigalpa, where the murder rate is four times that of America’s worst cities. Her mission: rescue hopeless women, and their children, from gangland sex trafficking. The streetwalkers not only escaped captivity, they turned to Christ and were taught skills to support themselves and their little ones. Later on, children of these prostitutes were collected, leading to a children’s home in the country and two schools.

The ministry keeps on evolving, reaching women in prison and ministering to hopeless families that live on whatever they can glean at the city dump.

This story addresses the widespread gang violence and the extreme poverty and hopelessness of the caravans of desperate people who seek a better life in the US – only to create still more problems here and for those left behind in Honduras.

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