The Altar Book of the Anglican Church in North America


Format: Hardcover, Cow-hide over board
Pages: 272 pages

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This Altar Book is an Altar Edition of the Book of Common Prayer (2019). Following years of design experimentation, research and feedback, no expense was spared in the design and production of this beautiful volume. It contains all of the texts from the Book of Common Prayer (2019) that a priest would use to celebrate Holy Communion. The liturgies are the unaltered BCP text, but a number of layout adjustments have been made for ease of use at the Holy Table. For instance, it is set in a size 17 typeface, and the rubrics are set in red roman type, rather than the italics of the pew edition. Additionally, where rubrics reference supplementary texts, those are included in-line in this edition (such as the Seasonal Greetings, or the Exhortation). In this way, the Celebrant never needs to flip back and forth in the book; but can always proceed forward. Leatherette tabs are included on the fore-edge, marking each of the major elements of the Holy Communion liturgy for ease-of-location. Additionally, five extra-wide ribbons (with butterfly-stitched ends) in the primary liturgical colors are on hand for marking the collects, prefaces, and any utilized material in the Appendix. Chant notation is also included for all of the elements of the Liturgy that can be chanted.
The interior layout includes gorgeous decorated initials that match those used in the Gospel Book.
The design of the exterior is modelled on Prayerbooks and Altar Books from the Reformation era: With decorative blind stamping and a central christogram with crucifix. The book was designed to match the Gospel Book when installed on the other side of an Altar, while also made different enough to be easily distinguishable.
The Altar Book comes in a two-piece box for storage.
Included in the box is a prayer card for optional sacristy vesting prayers and other devotions.

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