Gold in the Road – Through the Cancer Storm with Jesus Christ


Author: Cathie P. Young
Imprint: Church Media (2017)
Format: Premium trade paperback
Size: 6″ x 9″
Pages: 224
Type size: 13 pt
Weight: 15.6 ounces
Kindle edition: 2nd quarter of 2020

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Cancer is a unique disease on many fronts. In the early stages of diagnosis and treatment the newly diagnosed cancer sufferer is awash in a wide range of emotions crashing in on a daily basis. Fear is their constant companion, while all the time they are subject to be being overwhelmed with new information – with minds muddled as they attempt to absorb diagnoses, pathology, treatment plans, and certainly their prognosis.

Entering the new world of cancer treatment, cancer patients may find side effects of their treatment plan rivaling the disease itself in their life-altering severity. In the worst stages of the treatment, patients may come to feel as if they are dying painfully.

Every patient’s cancer and treatment plan is unique to them, personally. But cancer sufferers will find that they share feelings and responses in common, one with another.

They will find that they belong to a new “people group.” They speak the same language. This book is written in that language. It provides a fresh perspective, not only on surviving a cancer storm, but becoming victorious right the midst of the nastiest storm.

Because Gold in the Road rides on the cancer story of a seasoned woman pastor, it reveals her own personal vulnerability, as well as her spiritual depth, by –

  • Chronicling her journey through early symptoms, dire diagnosis and her treatments, including a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and reconstructive surgery – with all the tumult that goes along with being a cancer sufferer.
  • Sharing her emotional and spiritual insights on suffering with cancer, and the ways she navigated through her life-threatening storm that lasted for more than a year and changed the direction of her life forever.
  • Providing hope, and practical advice, that even in the worst storms of life, Christ’s presence makes all the difference, not only in surviving the storm but in finding “gold in the road” right in very middle of the valley of the shadow of death.

This book is filled with accurate information, details of an amazing personal story, and enough lighthearted moments, with laughter, to keep the pages turning.

Connecting with other cancer sufferers can be and usually is a game-changer. For a cancer sufferer, finding someone who has felt how they feel, who has been through what they are going through, can be an emotional lifesaver in the crashing waves. Cancer patients will find themselves, and their own very personal cancer journey, mirrored on the pages of this book. They will:

  • Recognize and understand the emotions that are uniquely common to cancer sufferers.
  • Learn practical information to help them navigate through their cancer treatments.
  • Be strengthened in their faith, as they learn to recognize the presence of Jesus Christ with them in the midst of their very personal cancer storm.
  • Find new ways to receive and embrace God’s promise that he will take every like crisis – even a cancer diagnosis – and turn it into something good on their behalf.

While the book is written from a Christian perspective, readers may include anyone who seeks to find God’s presence in a seemingly dark and hopeless situation.

Even those who have suffered cancer in the past will find emotional healing for them on its pages.

Spouses, family, friends, pastors, and doctors and nurses, and all manner of medical technicians, will want to share this book of hope and deliverance.

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