Our Publishing Focus

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We work in three areas of subject matter:




We publish in three categories: CHURCH NEEDS (The Book of Common Prayer 2019, Bibles, Hymnals and more); ANGLICANISM and DISCIPLESHIP. Our list includes print books, Kindle books, audio books, and digital downloads, and we have released a Hollywood movie explaining Anglicanism.

We carefully consider manuscripts we receive from authors and endeavor to respond without undue delay. In many cases we are dealing with first time authors, in which case we may supervise some work on a manuscript before committing to publish it as a book, and do not go to contract until a final decision to publish is reached. Before being released to the public most of our ANGLICANISM and DISCIPLESHIP books will have been endorsed by a significant number of people who are respected in the subject matter. See BELOW for our NONFICTION BOOK PROPOSAL and our MANUSCRIPT STYLE SHEET. Copyrights belong to the author unless donated to Anglican House.

This is a time of great change in the publishing industry. No longer is it defined solely by paper and ink. And whether users like the way material is presented makes all the difference. Traditional ways that people interact with the written word are quickly fading away. Usability is king. Content is usable if it is quickly accessed, authoritative, easy to learn, and attractively presented.