About Us

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We present Anglicanism as a reliable container of Christian truth to pass along from one generation to another. We like to say that it is where you would arrive were you to travel all the way back to the Early Church, and if you yourself were to believe what the Church always believed, at all times, and in all places down through the millennia. Many people yearn for a sense of connection with the Early Church, a bridge that Anglicanism richly provides. Billy Graham told his biographer that he saw “spiritual beauty in Anglican order” and declared that if he were “starting all over again, I would be an evangelical Anglican.”*

The Anglican Church in North America

Anglicans are the world’s largest Protestant group. The Anglican Church in North America, founded in 2009, has grown to more than 1,000 congregations and 135,000 members in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and is in full communion with Anglican churches globally representing more than 70 million believers.

Our own Archbishop Foley Beach is Chairman of the Global Anglican Movement called Gafcon.

Our Ministry

We are a Christian ministry without payroll, office space or physical assets. The work of publishing is managed by volunteer executive officers overseeing various freelance professionals in the important aspects of publishing— editing, book layout and design, typesetting, artwork, cover design, e commerce, website management, accounting, and the resultant creation of the electronic files used to print books—together with warehousing and our online distribution.

Anglican House Media Ministry, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and Ministry Partner of the Anglican Church in North America. Anglican House Publishers is our registered trade name.

Mission Statement

As a ministry partner of the ACNA, Anglican House Media Ministry promotes spiritual formation, publishes bible centered Anglican authors and satisfies the liturgical publishing needs of the church.

Vision Statement

To promote spiritual formation and showcase the Anglican Way of being a Christian.

About Giving

Perhaps you or someone you know could be interested in underwriting or supporting a special project here at Anglican House. We always have a wish list of projects that are either beyond our immediate resources or at a minimum would put a drain on our finances —special opportunities that could offer the satisfaction of supporting something very close to one’s heart.

For example, a Spanish language edition of the Book of Common Prayer 2019 is needed at this time. There are 40 million Spanish speakers in the US (not including bilingual people). Some congregations of the Anglican Church in North America include Spanish speakers—along with our Church’s 10 congregations in Mexico, 2 mission churches in Guatemala, and the Missionary Diocese of Cuba.

Gifts and bequests of cash or appreciated securities are the favored ways to support us on a tax-advantages basis. For information about giving, and naming opportunities, you may call our Founder and CEO Ron Speers at (949) 697-7267 or you may email us at [email protected].

*America’s Pastor by Grant Wacker. Harvard University Press, 2014.